1. Research laboratories:
    1. Molecular Biotechnology and Cyanobacteriology Laboratory
    2. Fermentation and Industrial Microbiology Laboratory
  2. Student laboratories
    1. Mycology and Molecular Biology laboratory
    2. Bacteriology and Immunology Laboratory
    3. Food Processing Laboratory
    4. Food Analysis Laboratory
  3. Instrumentation facility

    The department is equipped with bioreactors, phase contrast, and trinocular microscopes, UV- visible spectrophotometer, cooling centrifuges, deep freezer, rotary evaporator, ELISA reader, multipurpose machine, moisture analyzer etc.

  4. Department library

    Departmental library contains 485 textbooks and reference books. In addition to the 150 e books. The Central library facility is available to the students with 1121 books, 14 journals. More that 80 books and 25 e journals are also available.

    1. Research activity
      1. Thrust areas: Bioresource Technology: The faculty members of the department are engaged in research work in different applied aspects of Microbiology. The major areas of interest included, studies on cyanobacteria, bacteriocins, biofuels and carbon sequestration.  Research is also undertaken in antimicrobials from medicainal plants and shelf life studies of tomatoes.
      2. Projects: Faculty are presently working with seven on hand or sanctioned research projects worth of about 1.2 crores funded by  DST, UGC  and MoEs. The Department is also supported by DST – FIST (Fund for improvement of Science and Technology).
      3. Ph.Ds: So far 8 Ph.D. degrees have been awarded from this department and at present 18 research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. programmes.
      4. Publications: The faculty has published 65 research papers in reputed peer reviewed journals.