A. Research laboratories:

Plant Tissue Culture

Animal Biotechnology

B. Student laboratories:

Microbiology and Cell biology

Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Environmental & Industrial Biotechnology

Immunology & Medical Biotechnology

C. Instrumentation facility

The instrumentation facility is equipped withPCR, Eppendorf Gradient PCR, Biorad Real time PCR, Inverted Microscope, Freeze dryer, Rotary evaporator, Millipore water purification system, Ligation Bath, Fraction collector Biorad IEF Cell, Transblot Turbo, CO2 incubator, BOD incubator, Hybridization oven, - 860 C Deep freezer, Remi & Eppendorf cooling centrifuges, Thermo-Fischer ELISA Reader, Shimadzu UV – Visible spectrophotometer, Shimadzu high precision balance.

D. Department library:

In addition to the Central Library, a departmental library is also established with 605 textbooks and 2 journals along with 1733 books and 780 journals in central library for the use of both faculty and students.

II. Research activity

A.  Thrust areas:The faculty of the department is actively engaged in research work. The major research areas of the Department include Plant biotechnology - Stress physiology, Micropropagation, Biofuels, Green synthesis of Nanoparticles. Bioactive compounds – Anti microbial, Immunomodulatory, Antioxidant, Biosurfactants, Fungal Biology and Seribiotechnology.

B. Projects:Currently 12 research projects worth of about two crores funded by DBT, DST, UGC and BARC (BRNS) are in progress.The Department is also supported by DST – FIST (Fund for improvement of Science and Technology).

C.  Ph.Ds: So far 18 Ph.D. degrees were awarded from this department and at present 20 research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. programmes.

D. Publications: The faculty has published about 160 research papers in reputed journals. The department average impact factor is 2.5, citationsare50, H-index is 5.0, and i10 index is 2.0.